Custom Video Request: My idea for a vid is still a BG vid along the lines of a handjob/ blowjob and facial ending. I would want role play like you’re an escort or entertainer and he asks if you can have sex because he hasn’t cum in a couple days. You tell him no you won’t have sex but you can offer to suck him off and jerk him off. He agrees and you begin. Lots of dirty talk ensues and about halfway you ask him if he’s ready to cum yet. He tells you he’s close and asks where he’s allowed to cum. That’s when you tell him wherever he wants to cum and he asks if he can cum on your face. You hesitate a bit saying you don’t know that but after a couple attempts you give in. That’s when you lean back and let him jerk it on your face while you stick your tongue out and take it.

mp4 / 3840×2160 / 1836 MB