You’ve stumbled upon a fairy ring and suddenly appear in this forest fairy’s house. She’s naked and revealing herself to you. You’re mesmerized by her and realize you’ve gotten hard. She’s seduced you. You’re not sure how you’ve even gotten here, but she’s made you feel calm and comforted. And aroused. She takes your cock out… starts licking it and wrapping her lips around it. She spits on it, adding her hand and sucking you off while looking deep into your eyes, moaning with pleasure. As you get closer, she asks you to cum for her and continues sucking and stroking until you cum in her mouth. She lets the mixture of your cum and her spit drip onto her small breasts, rubbing it in. Turning around, she shows you how wet she is, rubbing her pussy for you as you lay there, still mesmerized. She disappears then, behind the ferns. Was it a dream?

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