Jenny (you) is having a workout with her instructor at his place before going to meet her friends. She has just finished up and is wearing tight bottoms, tight top, a headband, white trainers and white socks. She does her final few exercises and stretches. While Mark , the instructor perves at her without her knowing. You then tell Mark that you have to meet your friends and as agreed he will let you use his shower. You pay him for the session and say you are going to shower upstairs and then will be out of the way. You take your gym bag and clothes and handbag and go upstairs to use the shower. You come out of the shower into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around you. You have just had time to put your bra and panties on underneath. Your phone rings and it is your friend you are meeting. You tell her you are at Mark’s place and he just gave you a session and you showered. You giggle and say yes I know we’d all love to fuck mark hes fucking hot but its not like that ! Besides you know I have a hubby Lucy…. (she asks you to see if he has a naughty porn stash anywhere) you reply.. Lucy i can’t do that that’s an invasion of privacy ! You say you’ll be there soon and hang up. Thinking about what Lucy said you decide to snoop around as you are curious to know what Mark has in his draws. You find a porn mag under the bed and remove your towel. You start reading it and get horny and play with yourself (keeping your bra and panties on). Suddenly the door opens and Mark sees you on the bed masterbating through your panties. He asks you what on earth you are doing and In shock you beg him to stay quiet and not say anything. You tell him you are so embarassed and if he keeps quiet about it you will let him fuck you. But he can’t say a word now or to anyone about this. Mark is still unsure until You tell Mark he can be in control and do whatever he wants to you. He tells you to show him the soles of your feet which he licks and tickles as you giggle and moan.. You use your feet to massage marks cock through his trousers and boxers.. You slowly unbuckle his belt and slide his boxers down..You then give him the best blowjob/ sucking his cock and balls and mixing this up with a footjob He turns you over and slides off your panties.. spreading your ass hole wide and rimming and fucking it with his thumb while you moan. He spanks your bum while you sqeal in delight. You ask him to get the dildo you keep in your handbag and fuck you with it first in the pussy and then the ass which he does while you have your legs spread apart in the air until you cum. He asks you to put on your trainers before you fuck as thats always been a fantasy of his. He then fucks you in doggy while he spanks your ass/pentrates it with his finger/thumb and tugs your hair You get him to fuck you in different positions and he throws off your trainers and licks the soles of your feet in the middle of this. He tickles the soles of your feet while he fucks you. He then fucks your ass in a few different positions and alternates between holes ( if you do this) followed by some ass and pussy to mouth ( again if you do this) You then give him another amazing blowjob and he finishes on your face. You lick up all the cum from his cock He tells you that was so good you can have 50% of next week’s class. you thank him and remind him not to say anything as you clean up and get dressed. You tell him this can’t happen again.. he smiles and says we’ll see before spanking your bum on the way out. You tell him you’ll be back same time next week.

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