So far nun Monica was truly a blessed one. She boldly and successfully fought with her horniness, her lowly vaginal passions, with daily aweful prayers and loyal service to Church. She had no thoughts of ever touching her lowliest and most disgusting part of her body and was never wet performing her nun’ duties amongst the poor. Entitled as the Hope of the Monastery by the Abbess, she was soon noticed by the Pope and was about to get promoted to the Inquisition Department to spread the word and faith amongst women who fell innocent victims of their sinful vaginas. One shall not doubt, she could stand amongst the blessed virgin sluts in the future. Until one day. The priest was sent to visit the well-known nun Monica and to report back to His Holiness. He entered her room quietly long before sunrise. She was already on her knees before the altar, praying in humble awe, unaware of his presense. Priest was amazed. All preparations were done perfectly so early: pleasant make-up and heels, stockings, buttplug in her ass, clean clothes. Mere everything about her was the faith incarnate, everything except one thing… Her inner tights were defiled with wetness. Shocked Priest could only speak after she finished her prayer. This video is the definition of sexy absurd on purpose and was inspired by Amber Rose’ work, with my own fleur of madness involved. This video made with sincere love to sexfetishes involved, and by no means I am trying to insult male domination as a sexfetish. Tags: pussy spanking, ass-to-pussy, cum begging, ultra hd, uhd THIS MAY STAY FULLHD FOR A DAY MORE due to the time required for rendering uhd

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