Custom request: It would be from my POV and you are my sister (roommate if you prefer) who walks in on me sniffing a pair of panties. You would be wearing a skirt or a dress with a silky soft scarf. You are initially angry and start to call me a pervert. You then take the panties and smirk to yourself as you realise that they aren’t yours but they are the pair that you stole from one of your girlfriends and you decide to have some fun with me. Then pretend to tie my hands up with the silky scarf so that I don’t touch my cock and make a mess, then strip down to your panties and tell me how much you also love to sniff panties and how you stole your girlfriends at a sleepover where you were flirting with her and just had to find out if her panties were getting as wet as yours. Then masturbate, stuff and cum on your panties whilst sniffing your girlfriends. To finish, pretend to stuff your stuffed panties in my mouth to keep me quiet and put your clothes back on with your girlfriend’s panties then leave the room telling me you’ll be back later.

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