Custom request: ‘So we begin with you getting ready for a date, your dressed up looking at yourself in the mirror and something doesn’t feel right. You take off your dress and realise the old modest underwear your wearing (anything you have which is quite simple) doesn’t make you feel sexy, you take it off and put on something much more daring (any of your lingerie which you feel is sexiest).You inspect yourself in the mirror wearing the new lingerie and admit you look incredible, you start to feel a little turned on looking at yourself, your hands start to wonder over your body as you feel your boobs and rub your inner thighs and lower body, you turn around to check your ass and you can’t help but give it a squeeze. You say “I can’t help myself” and move to the bed.You grab a pillow and straddle it (ass pointed to the camera, could you have your full body in view so I can see your face also) you start to grind on your pillow getting more turned on and vocal. After a few minutes you need something more, so you bring out your favourite dildo and take off your panties to ride it reverse cowgirl.While you ride you start to get so turned on you can’t help saying out loud how good it feels (really explicit dirty talk, lit go in as dirty as you can), as you get closer to orgasm you start to beg your date fuck you harder until you cum (‘Luke’ is your date)After you cum, you start to clean your cum of the dildo with your mouth, you look into the camera and say can’t wait to taste the real thing tonight

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