You’ve been eyeing on that new employee for a while now – she’s a very discreet and shy young woman, and there’s something sweet but supercilious about her that you like, even though she pretends she has no time for talking when you see her at lunch. You’ve recently noticed she likes staying at the office on Saturdays afternoon when everyone else is gone for the week-end, which you found highly suspicious. You know it’s wrong, but you couldn’t help hiding two cameras at her desk (one under the desk because she’s that “skirt-pantyhose-heels” type of woman and has the loveliest feet, and the second one beside her). Now let’s see what Miss Bitch is up to when your colleagues are gone. (////)Hey there, I hope you will like this video ! I personally think it’s one of my hottest so far, and I do love it (given that I’m extremely self-conscious about my work, it might mean it’s actually pretty good) ! I wanted to explore that spying fetish a bit more and combine it with some high heels and pantyhose display. I liked playing with the two different point of views, because the two of them give the vid something pervy and special and terribly sexy. Even though there’s a plot to this video I don’t talk much (I’m supposed to be alone, eh ?). Have fun ! Spread the love

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