Here’s a Beauty and the Beast fantasy video that I’ve been wanting to release for a while, but after shooting it several months ago I was overwhelmed by all the editing required to make it look exactly how I wanted. Fortunately, the gorgeous and talented Charlie B (@CharlieBeeMFC) stepped in and put together a video that I’m really proud to show you guys. Check her out — her videos are polished, artistic and super hot. This video starts with me, as Belle, walking down a candle-lit hallway looking for my father. After stumbling upon a mirror and admiring myself, I hear heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and find myself confronted by a terrible beast. I beg for his assistance, but he cruely drags me into a closet where I’m tied up, gagged and left miserably alone. Later he comes back and drags me across the floor as I struggle against his restraints. When I’m ungagged, I beg him again for mercy, saying I’ll do anything he wants so long as my father is safe. I soon understand exactly what he wants, and reluctantly unzip his pants revealing his enormous and hideous beast cock. I suck on it, sadly, and do my best to take as much down my throat as I can. He cums in my mouth — it’s a huge load. Not yet satisfied, Beast turns me over, lifts my pretty dress and pulls down my panties, roughly, before fucking me from behind. I know my only chance to save my father is to give Beast exactly what he wants, so proceed to ride his cock and let him cum again — this time deep inside me. After watching his cum spill out from my pussy, I clean his cock with my mouth and again beg for his mercy. Instead, he drags me back to my closet cell and stuffs my panties in my mouth before gagging me again to await my next shameful session as his new fuck slave

m4v / 1920×1080 / 863 MB