SPACE CAT EPISODE 2! In this episode of space cat! dun dun dunnnn! Space cat sees that there’s a space dog and cat rave and she really REALLY wants to go and get some dog dick! She knows she has enough money for the ticket but she might not have enough for the space bus ride over there… She’s looking through her bag BUT CANT FIND HER WALLET she finds all her various sex toys but not her wallet! Ugh, she is… distraught. She doesn’t know what to do but she really really wants to go to this rave! Wah! Wait unless.. is there, ooo yay there is! There’s a strip club near by, maybe if I make enough money I’ll be able to catch the space bus and go to the rave! Eeek! I go to the club and I am SUPER NERVOUS, buuuut I decide to try it anyways. After a little while of dancing I see this alien dude. We start talking and he says he wants a lap dance… I try to see if he’d be down to have it in the back room, since I’d be down to do a little more there hehe. He agrees and we go back and after some chatting I start giving him a lap dance. This is when he catches a glimpse of my cute kitty paws and asks…can he cum on my cute Kitty paws!?I’m shocked because no one has ever asked me that before! I decide to let him as long as he doesn’t tell anyone, I’ll let him do it! Buuut I just don’t want everyone in the whole galaxy to think they can cum on me! Likkkke what. Would. I. Do???? Uhhhh Anyways > _ > He cums ALL OVER my pretty Kitty feet and I lick it off them hehe buuut on his way out he must have told some people… UGH, because right after he left a astronaut AND a space monster came on me too! Right on my tits and face! Covering me head to toe in cum. Ugh anyway.. I made enough for my space bus ticket and now I can go to the rave! I’m waiting at the space bus stop when… All of a sudden… The whole galaxy goes black, (Es blueeeeee in this galaxy doi) and I’m teleported!!! To… The alien from the strip club’s place? Whaaaa? How’d he do that? Whatever. I tell him that he didn’t have to go through all that trouble, he could have just asked! Anyways, I’m super excited because I’ve never fucked a alien before! I know isn’t it crazy?! Hehe it was amazing I sucked off the alien then rode his cock in reverse cowgirl being a whiny little Kitty cuz I can barley take his dick. Then he pounds my pussy hard in two more positions before he fills up my pussy with his massive cum load! Tags: dirty talk, cream, creampie, slime, fantasy, tights, creamy, sloppy, petite, big boobs, big ass, emo, teen, stretching, pawg, bad dragon, fantasy dildo, big toy, aliens, monsters, huge dildo, monster, cream pie, cum play, hand cuffed, prisoner, psilocybinskye.

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