In this video you are my fiancee. We’ve lived together for several years and in a month we are getting married. We are flying to an island resort for our honeymoon and you want to make an impression in our first week of married life. You’ve always been reserved in clothing and in sex. You don’t wear low cut tops or short skirts even when we go to the lake or beach you wear a full coverage bikini. But you know that I not-so secretly wish you’d show off your body a bit (or a lot) more. In bed you’ve been timid and afraid to experiment with anything beyond missionary or the occasional doggy style. No blow jobs, no anal.You’ve decided to change all of that for the honeymoon and our married life. You went online several weeks ago and bought the tiniest bikinis you could find (wicked weasel bikinis is what I have pictured), a realistic dildo the size of my dick, and a set of butt plugs. You start wearing the butt plugs everyday to work in order to give up your last virginity on our honeymoon. When I’m in class and you are home alone you wear the tiny bikinis to get comfortable and practice giving blow jobs on your new dildo. Today you decide to tease me with what to expect on our honeymoon. When I come home you are wearing something you never would have before, a short crop top and mini skirt. You still feel embarrassed showing yourself off like this but you want me to think of your body and no one else’s. You tell me that you’ve been getting ready for our trip and wanted to give me a sneak peek. You’re embarrassed but you do your best strip tease down to a tiny bikini that barely covers anything at all. You tell me that this is the only bikini you intend to bring on our trip, well maybe one more in a different color.You show yourself off and can tell that I want to get involved but this is a no touching activity, to get me excited for after the wedding. As you dance in place you pull the back of your thong slightly to the side and reveal the butt plug you’ve had in all day. You can tell that I’ve never been more excited about anything, ever. You pull out the suction cup dildo you bought and put your new blowjob skills on display for me. You suck and lick while you gently play with your nipples and the butt plug while keeping the bikini on. Eventually you put the dido down and give me a nervous but sexy smile. You pull the thong to the side and reach down to pull your butt plug out. As you are getting ready you tell me to pull my dick and start to give me jerk off instructions. You tease me and tell me how much you are looking forward to my smooth cock on the honeymoon. In the middle of the room you squat over the dildo, still wearing your tiny bikini, and lock eyes with me. You line the dildo up with your asshole and slowly push down. You moan my name when the head pops in “Oh, Jeff!” You ride up and down on the toy while you play with your nipples and your pussy. You ride it to a shuddering orgasm.After you come down from your climax. You slowly stand up off the dildo and bend over to show your ass off once more. You slide your butt plug back in and say “I can’t wait until our honeymoon

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