I phone a friend to discuss a man at a party who made fun of my breast size tonight. How immature he was! The call is short, as it seems I woke my girlfriend from a deep sle.ep, but before we hang up, I ask if she had anyone tease her before her augmentation. Seems I’m not the only one who’s been picked on for having small boobs. I decide I should sl.eep off this feeling, but before that, I examine my boobs in the mirror and brush my teeth. After, I lay my head down to sl.eep. Something happens while I’m as.leep: A TRANSFORMATION! Unaware, I wake up and go check myself out in the mirror. I’m surprised, as I went from a C cup to a DDD cup! Is it my birth control? It must be! What else could it be? I hop into the shower and begin lathering my big tits with a soapy loofa. They feel more sensitive than normal…almost like I could cum by touching them. I flick and rub my erect nipples and finger my pussy until I have a hard, creamy orgasm. You can see the wetness dripping down my leg. I can only imagine what an orgasm from a cock feels like. I need to find out! I go to get dressed, only to realize that my bra obviously won’t fit now. Oh well. Braless it is! In a tight, red dress I call up that man from the party and invite him over. He’s so surprised (and of course sexually excited) to see me go from a C to a DDD overnight! He can’t help himself. He needs to fuck me now and I WANT him to do it! I suck him off a bit before rubbing his dick between my large tits! I then crawl on top of him and ride him with my breasts out and bouncing. He’s about to cum before I do, so I quickly put my boobs back into my dress. Can’t have him climaxing before me! I need to feel what an orgasm from sex is like with my newly sensitive body. I ride and slide up and down on his cock until I finally get “mine”. I’m tingling…something is happening… My boobs are…growing?! I lean back and admire my ginormous N cup boobs. I fall back onto the bed, euphoric. I close my eyes and when I open them again I frantically turn on the light. I then realize that it was all just a dream. I’m still the same 32C cup…how disappointing!! That had to be the BREAST dream EVER… This video is special because it takes footage from before my breast augmentation and after. This is a true breast expansion clip

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