FOR FEET N SOLES LOVER’S *** After a stressing day I’m on my Bed only dressing my nightgown, no panty or bra. I’m brushing my hair when I decide give to myself a foot massage…first using my hands and then adding a little to lotion to make the massage better…at this point I feel totally relaxing…touch my feet make me feel so good…when I look up I notice you be there looking me caressing my feet. As I know how much you like my Feet, I decide to take my foot massage to other level….so I Lick them and keep rub with more body lotion….This turn me on so much I start to touch my kitty…first with my fingers till I need more to I use My Hairbrush to fuck my kitty while you look me and stroke your cock for me….the pleasure I feel its so much that make my cum and have multiple Squirt. ***Additional Tags: Fingering, Squirting, Foot, nightgown, Wet & Messy, HairBrush, POV, Pussy Shaving, Spy, Close Up, Non-Nude.

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